Preparation for Meditator

1-  Copy of your passport or visa
( Please make a copy before you come )

2-  At least 2 sets of  white cloth [ shirts and trousers , long sleeve ]
( Meditator uniform ) 

(   Please bring it yourself, have for sale at the flower market in Chiang Mai city  )

3-  Alarm Clock   ( Morning wake up )
( Cellphone is acceptable for alarm purpose ) 

4- Other necessary  items for daily life.  
( some toiletries [ soap, shampoo, towel, etc. )


Important Note *
1.   Come to Meditation Center  before  2:30 pm at your first reservation day.
2.   First day if you late, your opening ceremony will move to the next day.
3.   As Buddhist Monk Tradition [We take only 2 meals a day] ( 7:00 am  and  11:00 am ). So there is no  lunch for you  at the first day until the next morning. Please take your meal before coming.  ( You may get hungry at the first day of practicing, patient and try it. )
4.   Bring  an umbrella in raining season, it’s hard raining in June until September.
5.   Torch ( flash light ) for night walk from your accommodation to the mediation  room.
6.   Alarm clock  ( It’s fine to use cellphone for alarm purpose, setting time to local Thailand. Time Zone : UTC+07:00 )
7.   a white scarf or shawl, it is a little bit cold in October until February (Winter Season).
8.   Mosquito protect lotion is acceptable.
9.   Meditation uniform is a must, please don’t forget. See Gallery for the look of the uniform. Can buy in Chiang Mai City.  Going to Flower Market or ask Thai people “Kard Luang” it’s means “Big Market” in Thai word. There are so many shop there. 
10.  Please inform us if you have any kinds of  food allergy or serious disease. Any question or doubt please asking our staff.  Email: for a new comer. 
The most important is to bring  your  faith  and  heart  ”
– Relax Mind –   _/l\_