Daily Schedule


First Day

12.00-14.00 PM.       Report to IBC’s office / Register. ( “The office is located behind the mountain. If you need assistance finding the way down to the Meditation center, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the temple’s friendly staff members for help.”
14.30 PM.       Meditation Demonstration.
16.00 PM.       Opening Ceremony.  (Ceremony for becoming a meditator and receive the 8 precepts  for your practicing)
18.00 PM.       Evening Chanting.   (Group) (Buddhist chanting to soft your mind and build concentration)
19.00 PM.       Evening Meditation. (Individual)
21.00 PM.       Day’s end.

During the course   [ Loops Routine ]

5.00 AM.       Wake up.  (Prepare yourself
5.30 AM.       Dhamma talk at the meditation hall. (Group) (Variety topics of Dhamma, teaching by the teacher)
7.00 AM.       Breakfast. (Group) (Ringing Bell)
8.00 AM.       Morning Meditation (Individual)
11.00 AM.       Lunch. (Group)(Ringing Bell)
12.00 PM.       Afternoon Meditation. (Individual)
14.00 PM.       Report Time.  [10 – 15 minutes / person] (Report meditation experience to teacher) (Individual)
18.00 PM.       Evening Chanting.  (Group) (Pay respect to the Triple Gem ‘Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha’) 
19.00 PM.       Evening Meditation.  (Individual)
21.00 PM.       Day’s end.

Last Day

5.00 AM.       Wake up.  (Prepare yourself
5.30 AM.       Dhamma talk at the meditation hall.
7.00 AM.       Breakfast. (Ringing Bell)
8.00 AM.       Closing Ceremony  (Release the 8 precepts and receive the 5 precepts to apply in your daily life)
9.00-10.00 AM.       Check out   ( “Before leaving, please check that you have all your belongings and leave the room tidy. Don’t forget to return the key to the office and consider making a donation to support the meditation center according to your means.” )

Important  Note*

  • “Every Wednesday morning at around 8 o’clock, there is a Dhamma talk or a special activity that focuses on learning culture or touring around the temple.”
  • “Once a week, on Buddhist holy days, you’re invited to join the chanting and ceremony at the big pagoda of Wat Prathat Doisuthep around 5:40 PM.”
  • “Each person is required to submit a daily report to the teacher, which should take about 10-15 minutes and covers their meditation experience.”


  • “If you need more information, please feel free to contact the staff and monks at the office during the day.”


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