General Rules


There are strict rules that must be followed while at the meditation center to maintain a peaceful environment.

  1. “Please do not disturb other meditators or engage in chit-chatting.”
  2. “You may not leave the meditation area without permission and may not take any inappropriate photos.”
  3. “Electronic devices are not permitted during meditation sessions.”
  4. “Smoking and any other inappropriate behaviors are strictly prohibited.”
  5. “Disciplinary action will be taken if these rules are not followed, starting with a verbal warning and if necessary, a request to stop the meditation course.”


The Term of Abstaining includes the foundation precepts for Buddhist meditators, which are essential to maintaining a peaceful and ethical environment.

  1. “These precepts consist of the five abstentions from killing living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, false speech, and alcohol, drugs, and smoking. Collectively, these are known as the five precepts.”
  2. “In addition to the five precepts, there are three more precepts: abstaining from eating at the forbidden time (i.e., after noon), from singing, dancing, playing music, entertainment performances, and wearing perfume, and from indulging in luxurious places for sitting or sleeping, and overindulging in sleep. These are known as the eight precepts.”


The Term of Request is a set of guidelines that we kindly ask all meditators to follow to ensure a respectful and harmonious environment.

  1. “Please respect your teacher, monks, fellow meditators, and friends at all times.”
  2. “Please take responsibility for the cleanliness and maintenance of your own accommodations, as well as any shared spaces.”
  3. “We encourage you to help and support one another during your time here.”
  4. “Please be aware of the cultural and religious beliefs of others, and strive to be respectful and understanding of their perspectives.”


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