1. Copy of your passport or visa
    (Please make a copy before you come)
  2. At least 2 sets of  white cloth [shirts and trousers , long sleeve]
    (Have for sale in Chiang Mai city)
  3. Alarm Clock for Morning wake up
    (Cellphone is acceptable for alarm purpose) 
  4. Other necessary  items for daily life
    (some toiletries [ soap, shampoo, towel, etc.)


Important Note *

“We kindly request that you arrive at the meditation center before 2:30 pm on your first day. Should you be delayed, your opening ceremony will be rescheduled to the following day with other newcomers.”

1. “In adherence to the monastic tradition, two meals are served daily at 7 am and 11 am. We recommend partaking in your lunch before arriving at the meditation center.”

2. “During the wet season spanning June to September, we advise bringing an umbrella to shield against the heavy rainfall. Additionally, please carry a flashlight or torch for nighttime use, and an alarm clock or cellular phone for timekeeping purposes. Kindly ensure your device is set to the Thai local time (UTC+7).”

3. “In the winter months from October to February, we recommend bringing a white scarf or shawl. If necessary, mosquito repellent can be utilized. All rooms are equipped with mosquito wire screens to prevent their entry.”

4. “Wearing the mandatory meditation uniform is essential. Please refer to the gallery for reference, and procure it from the ‘flower market’ in the city.  The people in Chiang Mai call ‘Kard Luang’ in Thai word.”

5. “We kindly request that you inform us of any food allergies or serious illnesses you may have.”


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